See the world-class prepper & survival gear that will be indispensable in your adventures.

We’re a small local off-grid shop for those, who are amazing.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose us because of our QUEST.  Quality, Uniqueness, Everyone, Sustainability and Teamwork.  Our quality comes from teamwork, unique sustainability and everyone in between.  We have products made in Wisconsin, Utah, California, Florida and Michigan.  We choose the best and so should you!

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise

John Adams

About Us

Scott Baker,


True North Off-Grid is a twist on our “original” idea ofportable, tiny home living. Our inspirationcomes from the adventures that our customers, family & friends have all taken. In these remarkable journeys, we havefound that there are four key AREAS of survival needs: Water, Food, Fuel & Shelter. Without any one of these and we findourselves misplaced and incomplete.

Over the years, True North have teamed up with small companiesto help provide them a platform where they can showcase their products and we canreduce the overall customer costs – we do this by bundling our features.

From preppers to hard core campers to thrill seekers and minimalists, we will be able to provide sustainable products for you when you need them. We care about our customers and our quality services will give you the peace of mind you need, no matter what stage you are in. 


BRICK & MORTAR coming soon!!            STAY TUNED!!